5 December 2016

Warm days in Sancoins

Found again a lovely camper stop next to water in Sancoins. Free stop and campers were parked both side of the Canal de Berry. Met nice people and spend some days in here N 46°49'58" E 02°54'47" .
This Aire was free, water 2 e per 100 liters.

Beautiful walk to do in a shade in hot days! Just behind the camper stop you continue to walk along the canal and after few km there is coming a bridge to get to the otherside and make a circle. Perfect with a dog!

Green in Green,
where it shouldn´t have been

My last "nyhtökaura" which is vegetarian "meat" made out of pulled oats. It was a hit product in Finland this summer, sold out always everywhere. Two Finnish ladies created this product and are now having a big success with it. Really, the product is good, outlook is selling (well done packaging with style when thinking of possible export). So I made "Poroton käristys" meaning Sautéed non-reindeer, a Finnish meal normally served with reindeer, smashed potatoes and lingonberry. Delicious!

Of course with a good meal glass of red wine was welcome...

..sitting outside and enjoying warm evening..


  1. Kivaa, matka jatkuu, ja koiriakin siellä vilahteli. Odotan innoissani päivitysten etenemistä ja tietoa siitä, missä sinä oikein olet.

    1. Ihan kohta päästä "nykypäivään" :), kiitos kommentista!

  2. Aivan sydäntä lämmittää noi maisemat!

  3. Juu, tämä oli ihanan vehreä paikka!


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