26 January 2017

Beautiful Porto

Guess what? It is raining, so time to update my blog again! This was fourth time I visited Porto, I just like to get there back and the town has come better and better with all the renovations etc. Usually I have been in Camping Madalena (so called 4 stars campsite, but really far from that!!!) and I was happy to find another one, Camping Salugueiros, which is located just one km away from the other one. I think there are few more and all of them are in the same area in Vila Nova de Gaia, near beach.

Saluguieros costed 6 euro for a night including electricity and the gps coordinates are N 41°07'17" W 08°39'38"  . When I reached the town, I also saw a parking with several campers right next to the Douro river near center, though must be more than 20 minutes walk to get to the town in here  N 41°08'36" W 08°37'56" . This is just a parking without facilities!

 Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and its old center is part of the Unesco since 1996.

If you get in Porto, you must of course have a Port wine tasting :)

Some of the famous Port wine houses, Sandeman, Kopke, Calem...

Funny building, like adding extra floors!

Black cat mafia

Both campsites have excellent bus connection to the town, but I never bother to come back with bus, I just to love wonder around and get back by taxi when I have had enough. Bus ticket was in 2016  1.80 e (30-45 minutes driving), taxi back 5.90 e (10 minutes driving)...I enjoy to take public transport in all cities, its part of the experience :)

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