29 November 2013

Vai - Palm Beach, beeing like in Hawaii

The palm beach of Vai is one of the biggest tourist attraction in Crete, a place where I definetely would NOT go in the season - so to come here out of season is perfect. Occassionally some tourists were still coming for a swim. I spent here one week (until the food was finished!) and few other campers visited the place during my stay in here.

Vai features the largest natural palm forest in Europe  made up of Cretan palm. Palms starts on a valley and ends to the beach, 20 hectars of palms. Wonderful place in this time of year!


panoramic view

Where did the dog go!

Yoga in the beach...


  1. Vau hau, ihana joogaaja! Kiitos upeista kuvista ja terveiset talvimyrskystä 1. adventtisunnuntain kunniaksi :D!

  2. Hienot on maisemat.Ollappa siellä.


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