19 January 2016

Time for macrame

Lasts posts have been soooo doggy, but this posting is still nothing to do with this beautiful island and its scenerys. Its about my new passion, macrame that I have been doing, even I am taking care now of two dogs, I have found some time. Ok, no more word dog on this post!

Ive been doing several macrame works and I really enjoy it, making knots can make you nut!

This time I made a necklace, two colors of wax coord, leather, metal, integrated turquoise (no glue!) and the clasp I made from bronze. This is very addictive work, do not try, unless you are ready to become and addict!


  1. Kiva kun olet ehtinyt taas päivittää blogia! Uusi matkakumppani on viehko, ja sinulla on selvästi hyvä ote koiriin. Teidän seikkailuista on mukava lukea.

    1. Kiva kun seuraat, välillä kyllä loppuu usko itseensä noitten koiruuksien koiruuksille :)


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